DUI Defense

Our automobiles allow us great freedom of movement in today’s society.  And, in order to avoid jeopardizing your privilege to drive in Pennsylvania, you should not drive nor be in actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of any substance that renders you incapable of driving; nor should you have any substance in your blood that is prohibited nor have a level of a substance beyond what is allowed by law, e.g. BAL of more than .08. (This is just one example.). If you operate or if you are in actual control of a vehicle under the conditions above, you run the risk of being charged with DUI under title 75 Pa.C.S.A. 3802 .
Handling a DUI case requires an attorney and a client to examine the case early and often considering the client’s particular history.  This is because many of the alternative disposition programs (e.g. ARD or IPP) mandate forgoing certain preliminary proceedings.  These preliminary proceedings are significant because they allow a defendant the opportunity to lay a factual basis for the case in order, sometimes, to challenge the sufficiency of the case or the legality of the case at later stages.  Therefore, the attorney and client need to make an educated decision early on in order to ensure that the proper path is taken in light of the client’s desires.
I have extensive experience defending DUI cases in Pennsylvania across the various counties.  I have helped my clients defeat the case, get accepted into alternative programs allowing for expungement, or get favorable plea deal.  Contact me asap so that we can talk about how I can help you