Practicing family law requires carefully balancing aggressive litigation techniques, while remembering that the opposing party is usually still a loved-one to your client.  Moreover, the object(s) of family law litigation are often children, and the consequences of the legal action could be life changing for them.  Common examples of family law issues include divorce, spousal/child support, and custody; and, can also include more specific matters such as a will, living will, power of attorney, and/or advance directive. Moreover, during family law litigation and afterward, additional issues typically arise such as contempt, petitions for modification, and/or petitions for special relief. These kinds of matters can be overwhelming if you are representing yourself.

So, when choosing a family law attorney, you will want to discuss not on the specific issues at hand, but also what issues might arise moving forward, and the kind of tone and tenor to take with the opposing party.

Some of you may still ask: Why use a family law attorney?  I think a better way to answer this question is to explain what can happen if you decide to represent yourself without proper counsel. For example, let’s take a custody matter.  Many people contact me complaining that they handled their own custody matter and weren’t happy with the result.  They then ask me how I can fix it –  the options at that point are both limited and more expensive than if you had hired a lawyer in the first place.

I have experience in litigating family law matters to the satisfaction of my clients, and I can help you navigate the legal challenges and stress of your particular case. Schedule a consultation with me today.