Over the course of my practice, family law has emerged at the forefront. And, every case comes to me with its own set of challenges and legal issues.  Having to involve strangers in your personal life, however, is an unfortunate common-denominator.  So, when choosing a family law attorney you need to keep these concerns in mind, along with ensuring proper qualifications.

          My criminal courtroom experience, coupled with my experience in civil litigation, is the foundation allowing me to handle the kinds of contentious family law cases that require judicial intervention.  At the same time, I am conscious that special care should be taken given the subject matter and nature of families.

          With that being said, I do handle matters including, but not limited to, divorce, child support, spousal support/APL/alimony, equitable distribution/property settlement, and child custody.  Some other family matters that I have handled are: wills, advance directive/living will, financial powers of attorney, PFA litigation, 302 expungement, and petitions for special relief.

          If you think you need a family law attorney, you probably do.  Give me a call today to set up a brief consultation over the phone. 

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