The first question that I usually get from someone who was issued a traffic ticket is:  How many points am I going to get?  This question comes first because I think most of us understand that the District Court will work out payment terms that we can handle; however, the points can implicate our ability to drive and our insurance rates.

Therefore, as a driver you need to be familiar with the Pennsylvania Point System.  A good place to start is the fact sheet provided by PennDOT, which is available here and here: LOMH-Reference-PA-Traffic-PA Point System Fact Sheet .  Before you decide to represent yourself at a traffic hearing you need to be aware of the collateral consequences of a plea bargain or finding of guilt, and one example is points.  (Though, not the only collateral consequence that you need to be aware of in the context of Title 75.)  Should you need representation or advice, contact me today.  I have been handling traffic matters for over 10 years, and I can help you sort through your traffic issues and resolve them.