Missing your court date will lead to significant consequences.  The first is that a bench warrant will be issued for you.  This can cause you to be taken into custody on the street, or the next time you appear in court.  The second consequence is that the Judge will have an opinion about you before your case is heard and sentence imposed.  And, therefore, you are less likely to get a lenient sentence because the Judge will have already concluded that you can’t follow rules and/or arm yourself with the information that you need to comply with the rules and keep yourself informed.

You should never miss a court date.  Here is Pennsylvania’s website where information on traffic hearings, criminal matters, and a few other types of cases is published: https://ujsportal.pacourts.us

After going to the site, roll your cursor over “Case Information”, and then down over “Court Case”.  Then, you can choose what court to search: Magisterial District Court, Philadelphia Municipal Court, Courts of Common Pleas and Appellate Courts.  You will be able to search for yourself by name and birthday.  If you can’t figure it out you need to contact your local district court or seek the advice of an attorney.  But, in any event, there is no reason to miss your court date.